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“The visit to the Cathedral Basilica of Cefalù is the starting point of an Itinerarium Pulchritudinis – a journey into beauty – which, from the Tyrrhenian coast, moves to the villages of Madonie and Valle del Torto.

I invite you, dear friends, to visit not only the monuments, but to meet a living Community, capable of offering spaces rich in meaning and opportunities for cultural exchange full of values.

Have a good journey!”

✠ Giuseppe Marciante
The Bishop of Cefalù

A Journey into Beauty...

The Towers of Cefalù Cathedral open to the public for the first time on 25 April 2019 with the launch of the Itinerarium Pulchritudinis, the Viaggio nella Bellezza, which takes place within the Fondazione Laboratorio della Speranza; a project strongly desired by S.E.R Mons Giuseppe Marciante, Bishop of the Diocese of Cefalù and assisted by the Pro Vicar General Can. Giuseppe Licciardi. A "Dream of Hope" aimed at the creation of job prospects for the world of youth employment and at breaking down the scourge of depopulation that oppresses our land.

A way of telling young people to stay and to say they are not alone and that their ideas and dreams can change their future if someone gives them a way to make them happen. The main aim is to introduce the Viaggio nella Bellezza (Journey through Beauty) starting from the Cathedral of Cefalù and then moving into the Sicilian hinterland, in order to create a network based on the discovery of the artistic heritage of the Church's cultural assets and their role as resources capable of generating processes of integration and sharing. Learn more!

How was "Il Segno" social cooperative born?

With these intentions, on 17 February 2020 the Dream (Sogno) became a tangible Sign (Segno). The Diocese of Cefalù set up the social cooperative Il Segno, which was entrusted with the management of the visit itineraries to the Cathedral Towers.

Establishment of the Cooperative, 17.02.2020.
Signature of the agreement between S.E.R. Msgr.Marciante and Maria Rosa Cipriano, President of the Cooperative, 29.02.2020.

Our Mission


The Cooperativa Sociale il Segno is made up of a group of people who manage the itineraries for visiting the Cathedral of Cefalù through reception and information services. The aim is to disseminate the historical and cultural beauty that surrounds these places steeped in history, inviting visitors to take part in a unique experience! Lose yourself in the refinement of the mosaics, admire the architectural details of the Chiostro Canonicale, be moved by the works of art, marvel at the magnificence of a place whose history blends with legend ... What are you waiting for? Join us for an unforgettable experience! Experience the Itineraries of Cefalù Cathedral!

team cooperativa in divisa
The Social Cooperative "il Segno" team