Terms and Conditions

1. Ticket offices close 15 minutes before the closing time of visits.

2. The visit lasts approximately 1 hour (Red Itinerary), 30 minutes (Blue Itinerary), and 30 minutes (Green Itinerary).

3. During Celebrations, access to the Mosaics area and the Sacristy is not allowed. In case of adverse weather conditions, access to Towers and roofs is not permitted.

4. For the decorum of the premises and respect for visitors, access in swimwear or scanty clothing is not permitted.

5. Visiting the Tower requires considerable physical effort. Please note that the stairs have about 80 steps. It is recommended that individuals with heart conditions or health problems refrain from visiting the Towers. The Towers, the walkway, and the various architectural structures comprising the historic monument complex have irregular pavements (“false steps”), access doors, and corridors with reduced height: visitors must pay attention to safety instructions. No responsibility is taken for any damage to property or persons resulting from these features and the consequences arising and/or caused by vertigo. Access is prohibited for minors under 18 years of age unless accompanied by an adult. Children up to 12 years old must be held by the hand during the visit to the Towers. Parents or guardians are responsible for the minors entrusted to them for the duration of their stay on the itinerary. Visitors are prohibited from taking actions that may compromise the safety of individuals and property. Leaning over parapets, climbing on roofs and walls is prohibited. Access to spaces and/or areas not open to the public and not part of the Itinerary is also prohibited.

6. Surveillance staff are available to provide general guidance on the itinerary and scheduled activities. They are also responsible for the smooth running of the visit: therefore, visitors must carefully follow the instructions and prescriptions of the surveillance staff. Please adhere to the instructions of the staff and address them in case of necessity or specific requests. Throughout the itinerary, staff are authorized to request the display of the entrance ticket: therefore, please keep it carefully until the end of the visit.

7. Visiting the Itinerarium Pulchritudinis is only permitted during the established opening hours or by prior reservation according to agreed methods. Visitors must behave in a manner that protects the monuments along the entire cultural route. Defacing, writing, painting, or otherwise defiling the architectural structures of the complex of the Itinerary is prohibited. Large backpacks, trolleys, suitcases, bulky luggage, and anything that may pose a risk to visitor safety or the structure are prohibited. Surveillance staff are responsible for safety on the itinerary. Therefore, in case of an alarm, visitors must strictly follow the operators’ instructions. In the event of a fire alarm, it is recommended to remain calm. If evacuation of the itinerary is ordered, visitors must proceed in an orderly manner, respecting the directives of the staff. In case of high turnout and in any situation that may compromise the safety of individuals or property, temporary closure of entrances may occur, or opening hours may be modified. Every necessary measure, dictated by circumstances, will be taken to ensure the safety of individuals or property. Damage caused by visitors to the installation of structures remains the responsibility of the visitor. No responsibility is accepted for damage to persons and/or property caused by visitors, even improperly. Any accident or anomalous event must be immediately reported to the surveillance staff. Within the itinerary, it is prohibited to conduct any unauthorized paid services.

8. Smoking (including electronic cigarettes) is prohibited throughout the Itinerary. Along the itinerary, papers, cans, bottles, or other waste must not be abandoned except in designated containers. It is also prohibited to throw waste and objects towards external areas. Animals are not allowed to enter.

9. Taking photographs and amateur recordings is allowed as long as flash is not used. To take professional photos and videos, prior written authorization is required by filling out a specific form available from the Diocese of Cefalù.

10. Guided tours can only be conducted by authorized individuals, equipped with one of the following accreditation titles: Authorized tourist guide, Teacher as a guide for the assigned class, Educational operator of the concessionaire, or authorized personnel of the concessionaire. Groups and schools can book visits by phone at +39 0921-926366. The group can consist of a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 25 people (subject to compliance with current Covid-19 safety protocols). Each group must provide the name of a group leader. For school groups, the teacher(s) is/are considered responsible for the group. They must keep the group together (observing Covid-19 distancing measures and mask requirements) and ensure behavior compliant with this regulation. The group must follow any staff instructions for proper logistics of the visit, also respecting safety regulations and room capacities. To protect participants in guided tours, it is not possible to participate or join without adequate credentials (payment receipt for guided tour). Failure to comply with the provisions of this regulation may result in expulsion and, if necessary, initiation of legal proceedings. Visitors can report any observations and/or complaints via email to cooperativailsegno@gmail.com.

11. If it is necessary to make changes to a confirmed booking, please contact our offices via email cooperativailsegno@gmail.com or by phone at +39 0921 926366. Requests for changes must always be communicated in writing via email and accepted by “Cooperativa Il Segno” through written confirmation.
In any case, the visitor must reprint the modified voucher to be presented at the ticket office in paper form on the day of the visit.

12. Tickets booked for the Red, Green, and Blue Itineraries are non-refundable in any way (even in the presence of adverse weather conditions), even partially.