Red Itinerary

Red Itinerary

55' Panorama Path with Steps School Groups

Let yourself be swept away by the surprises this visit can offer as you explore all the special places that are included in this comprehensive tour. Climb the towers and admire stunning views across the square, walk along the rooftops on the south side and look out over this ancient town at the foot of the Rocca di Cefalù. You’ll then approach the Sacristy and get ready to discover the treasures that are on display in the museum area. This is followed by a visit to the Episcopal Chapel and the tour then ends with the Canons’ Cloister, an architectural gem whose majestic columns have borne witness to so many stories throughout history. So, are you ready to experience this adventure? The duration of the tour is 55 minutes.

  • You should wear appropriate clothing.
  • You should also wear comfortable shoes.
  • The Towers have about 80 steps so bear this in mind for those who have mobility issues.
  • If you suffer from any cardiac problems, you should also bear this in mind and be careful when considering the route you are going to take!
  • The Sacristy cannot be visited when Mass is being celebrated.
  • Don’t forget to take plenty of wonderful photos! #torricattedralecefalu
  • Visit the FAQ page for more information.

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School Groups
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  • First grade secondary school
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  • Over 65+
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Step by Step Itinerary


Climb up from the North Tower, walk along the internal corridor that connects with the South Tower looking out over the breath-taking views of the Basilica.

South-side roofs

Experience the thrill of walking along the south side of the Cathedral.


You will then enter the Sacristy where you’ll be able to admire the holy vestments that have been painstakingly embroidered in gold together with liturgical artifacts and other works of art of incalculable value.

Basilica Treasury

This unique Treasury contains singular items such as fragments of the stole belonging to King Roger II and a reliquary from the Holy Cross which houses a piece of the sacred wood.

The Bishop’s Chapel

The Bishop’s Chapel is an absolute gem housing a spectacular treasure, the Eleusa Icon, which is believed to have originated from Constantinople..


The tour ends with a visit to the magnificent Norman Cloister, the oldest in Sicily, which is decorated with a range of biblical and anthropomorphic figures.

Osterio Magno
Visit the Osterio Magno, historic building of great artistic value, traditionally considered the Domus Regia, the ancient residence of King Roger II. For more information click here.

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Itinerario Rosso


Full Ticket
Reduced Ticket
Child (age 0 – 5)
“Bellissima, specialmente adesso che permette il tour delle torri con vista di Cefalù e della chiesa dall'interno. Imperdibile per chiunque si trovi a Cefalù.”
Antonella P.
“If you spend a day or two in Cefalu the dome has to be on your list anyway. City was build around this place and it just fits in terms of architecture. Great to see, include the walk up the tower.”
Joerg F.

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