The Towers of Cefalù Cathedral: a Dream come true

The Towers have been admired for centuries, by those who pass distractedly by the square or by those who stop to study the particular architecture…

The Cathedral of Cefalù is known all over the world and is visited every year by thousands of visitors; its architectural atypicality is the hallmark of the city.

The high and mighty Towers have always evoked a mixture of astonishment, admiration and curiosity. So many inhabitants of Cefalù have dreamed of visiting that symbol of strength and majesty to contemplate its beauty.

On April 12, 2019, the Bishop of the Diocese of Cefalù, S.E.R. Monsignor Giuseppe Marciante announced to the community the extraordinary opening to public use of the Towers of the Cathedral, arousing wonder and sincere emotion: the dream was becoming true!

S.E.R. Monsignor Marciante and Don Giuseppe Licciardi, Pro-Vicar General of the Diocese

The visit project is called “Itinerarium Pulchritudinis”, a latin locution indicating a “Travel in the Beauty”. It includes the visit to the Towers as the first step of a trip oriented to the discovery of cultural heritage kept in the territory of the Diocese of Cefalù.

The intent is to return to the community cultural heritage that were not accessible, accompanying the visitor on a path of discovery and awareness about the wonders that surround him.

The project aims to involve gradually all the villages in the territory of the Diocese of Cefalù, including them in a process of economic development in which cultural heritage becomes a resource for communities and hope for youth employment.

The Cathedral Towers are opened to the public on April 24, 2019: a new page in the history of Cefalù’s artistic heritage is opened.

Opening, 24.04.19

S.E.R. Monsignor Giuseppe Marciante cuts the ribbon in the middle of the crowd, starting a wonderful adventure that has returned to the community a precious artistic good.

Currently, visits are organized into three routes. In addition to the Towers, it is possible to visit other attractive places in the Cathedral.

This is just the beginning… the Dream continues…

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